Yoni Popping Workshops

Yoni Popping fitness workshops were created for women interested in holistically strengthening their core through the alignment of the mind, body, and soul. The workshop brings joy and healing to women who desire to honor and adorn who they are in ways that allow them to develop a deeper connection with themselves. We make space for women to enjoy moments of intimacy in a safe and supportive environment as we encourage free expression of personal truths and transformations. 

Come as you are. There’s no judgement here. 

Sisterhood is the soul of these workshops. We not only promote self-connection but we place a strong emphasis on tribe. Womanhood is a shared experience. We are all on our individual paths but having a community makes the journey more enchanted. 

Women who heal together bring forth powerful Goddess energy that can only be experienced in communion. We are in this together.  


Intimate Sisterhood

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