What’s Yoni Popping ?

Yoni Popping is an intimate activity with self and a bonding experience with other women. 

As an activity, it involves repeatedly contracting your pelvic muscles (the muscles that control your urination flow) which is also known as “Kegeling”

As an experience, Yoni Popping is a fitness workshop that holds space for women to heal through the use of meditation, music, and movement. Bringing balance and alignment to your chakras and physical body with a focus on pelvic floor strengthening and self-connection is at the core of every workshop. 

Self-love and care sets the tone for the ultimate experience of embracing feminine energy from the temple to the soul. Yoni popping classes are made up of sensuality, body positivity, and sisterhood. The Yoni Popping team teaches women how to connect with themselves on deeper levels by basking in the light of their own presence. Attendees can expect to engage in full body workouts and intimate dialogues on femininity.

There’s also an opportunity to learn more about Lotus Eggs and Ben wa Balls and the role they can play in increased confidence, self-love, and soul healing.

Before and after the workshops, attendees are encouraged to explore the curated pop-up market featuring small businesses owned by phenomenal women offering healthier alternatives for feminine care. 

These classes are best experienced with an open mind and the willingness to try new things. Women leave more aligned, educated, and empowered, which often leads to higher self-esteem, better sex with self and their partners, and a more fullfilled life.